Litter Box

NVR-Miss-LitterboxOne of the most amazing traits of cats is their instinct for using the litter box. Unlike dogs, cats eliminate the need for housebreaking. Once your new Cornish Rex is shown the litter box, he or she will know exactly what to do with it. There are, however, a few potential deterrents that may prompt some cats to avoid use of the litter box. These issues are easily correctible by owners.

Prime Location

Consider the location where the litter box will be permanently situated. Just as we would prefer not to take our meals in the bathroom, cats would also rather maintain a sense of cleanliness when dining. Avoid positioning the litter box near food and water bowls. The litter box should sit in a quiet location of the home, avoiding high traffic areas and noisy appliances, air conditioners or boilers that can spook the cat while sitting in the box.

The More Boxes You Have, The Merrier They Shall Be
In homes with multiple cats, it is important to offer one litter box for each cat. Many of us find the idea of using a public portable potty unsanitary and distasteful. Cats feel the same way about their litter boxes. Homes with multiple stories should have a litter box available on each level. This becomes especially important for older cats that have limited mobility and increased frequency of urination.

Litter Box Cleanliness Is Next to Your Cat’s Godliness

Litter boxes, just like human toilets, must be kept clean. When changing the cat litter, dump and dispose all of the litter within the box. Take the opportunity to confirm that your cat is urinating daily and to note any obvious changes in amounts or in bowel movements. Thoroughly scrub, rinse and dry the box and then refill it with fresh litter. Resist the temptation to purchase scented litter since many cats strongly dislike the perfumed aroma. When selecting a new litter box, opt for one without a lid. The lid is one more contaminated component to wash and many cats feel trapped within the claustrophobic enclosure of a hooded litter box.

Litter Box Bliss with “NVRMISS”

The “NVRMISS” litter box is a simple design concept that was planned with a cat in mind. It is constructed with high sides to confine litter and waste. It has a low cut out on one of the elongated sides for ease of entry, which is particularly favorable for older, arthritic cats that cannot hop over the sides of a litter box as easily. Once the cat steps in, he is forced to turn and position himself lengthwise in order to eliminate in a comfortable position. Once the deed is done, the cat steps gracefully out of the box through the cut out. This design will put an end to scattering litter on the floor and will keep waste inside the box as well. The material used is smooth and the corners are rounded, facilitating quick and easy cleaning.

To ensure your Cornish Rex companion’s litter box needs, feel free to contact us for recommendations.

Visit the NVRMISS website here.