TEMPERAMENTThe charismatic temperament of a Cornish Rex is what makes the breed an enjoyable family member. These highly sociable and interactive cats seek out the companionship of their humans. A Cornish Rex will not thrive if he or she does not receive ample loving attention. Once you have invited a Cornish Rex to become a cherished member of the family, be sure to treat your cat as such by spending quality time with him or her.

Quality Entertainment

The Cornish Rex exudes a commanding presence through vocalization and eyes that have a knack for engaging your attention. The Cornish Rex insists on starring in the spotlight, tirelessly performing silly antics to entertain human audiences. They are not content to sit on the sidelines, so they will not take kindly to being excluded from any household activities. Although energetic, your Cornish Rex will crave sharing down time with you, savoring petting sessions on your lap and snoozing alongside you at night.

Playtime All of the Time

The mind of a Cornish Rex is always at work, seeking new places in the home to explore, new mischief to delve into and exciting new methods for returning your focus back to his or her spotlight. Keep your Cornish Rex stimulated with a variety of toys, from puzzle toys to challenge his or her mental faculties when you are not home to interactive toys for engaging in play sessions together. Provide plenty of cat furniture and kitty condos for your little athletic wonder to expend some energy as you initiate friendly games of chase or hide and seek.

Night or Day, You Are Not Prey

Despite many generations of domestication, some cats remain nocturnal. They do not always understand why their humans would wish to sleep when there are feet to pounce, toys to jingle and cupboard doors to open and close repeatedly. You can curb some of this behavior by providing plenty of simulating toys and activities to occupy your cat throughout the daytime hours. You can also delve into a lengthy and active play session with your cat prior to your bedtime. Cats are also wired to snooze after a meal. A few minutes after the play session, feed your cat a meal at bedtime instead of earlier in the day.

In the excited frenzy of your cat’s playing session, the object of his or her play is perceived as prey. This can lead to misguided and unacceptable biting and scratching. Never play rough with your cat or encourage play with your hands or feet. Instead, offer plenty of toys that are acceptable alternatives for your cat to bite.

The more love, attention and stimulation you lavish on your Cornish Rex, the greater the reward will be as you share a mutual companionship that you will miss during those hours of separation imposed by work or errands. If you have any behavioral concerns with one of our cats, or if you would like additional recommendations to enhance your relationship with your new family member, please feel free to contact us.