Medical Care

veterinarianA reputable veterinarian plays an integral role in providing medical and preventative care for your pets. Establish a client relationship with your veterinarian immediately so that you will be familiarized and confident in the care that your Cornish Rex will receive.

A Healthy Start

All of our kittens at Rexkwizit Cattery are treated by a licensed veterinary clinic. Before your new family member’s journey home with you, he or she will be neutered or spayed. Your kitten will also be tested for the feline leukemia virus, dewormed for intestinal parasites and updated with his or her vaccinations prior to leaving our facility.

Big Changes Can Be Scary

While we make every effort to provide you with a new cat or kitten that is happy and healthy, your new family member may experience stress during the first days with you. One day the kitten was playing with littermates, following mama cat and interacting with our family. Then suddenly this kitten was placed in a carrier, taken from the only world he or she has known and transported to a whole new environment. While the promise of a new, loving forever home is ultimately a wonderful gift for the kitten, it is a big and abrupt change. Stressful situations such as this can sometimes bring out temporary signs of illness that may include upper respiratory symptoms such as sneezing and discharge from the eyes or nose.

You can help your new feline friend to cope with the adjustment by reducing level of stress. Continue to feed your new kitten the same diet that we feed in our cattery, offering the same amount on the same schedule, to avoid gastrointestinal stress symptoms such as diarrhea. Confine your Cornish Rex initially to one quiet room of the house. This will seem less overwhelming than the prospect of navigating an entire home that is unfamiliar. Be sure to spend as much time as possible with your new friend in that one room for bonding and socialization. Once the cat seems comfortable with you, gradually introduce him or her to the rest of the house for short, supervised durations. Limit exposure to children and other pets until the cat has fully adjusted and always supervise such interactions closely. Cornish Rex cats are naturally curious and outgoing, so your new companion will adapt quickly.

A Healthy Life

There are no known illnesses to which the Cornish Rex breed is predisposed. To ensure a longer and healthier life, it is imperative that your cat remains strictly indoors. It is also important for all cats to receive an annual examination from a veterinarian in order to maintain optimal health and vitality through every phase of life from kitten hood through the geriatric years.

We Care

At Rexkwizit Cattery, we care about all of our cats and wish them long, happy and healthy lives in their new homes. If you ever have a question or concern regarding the health of one of our cats, we encourage you to contact us for information and support.