The Cornish Rex Breed

The Cornish Rex Breed
Originating in Cornwall England, the Cornish Rex has captured the hearts of cat owners worldwide. From its unique appearance, complete with the adorable marcel waves of its coat, to its boundless playful energy and zest for life, our Cornish Rex promises to banish all boredom from the home in which it takes up residence.

While the overall slight body frame of the Cornish Rex may appear dainty and fragile, do not be misled. The breed carries a powerhouse of athletic muscle in that slender package, enabling the cat to scale elevated surfaces effortlessly and romp through the home with agile speed. The body structure of the Cornish Rex includes a deep chest, a long neck, a slightly elongated head, a tight abdomen and long, muscular hind legs, all attributes that are often compared to those of a whippet or greyhound dog.

The Cornish Rex Breed Other physical characteristics of the Cornish Rex are the high cheekbones, Roman nose, prominent large ears and captivating, almond eyes. The most distinguishing feature of the Cornish Rex, however, is its curly coat. At a glance, the cat appears to be made up of ripples as the coat falls in very short, tight marcel waves that are velvety soft to the touch. The wavy quality of the coat covers the entire body from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. Even the whiskers appear crimped. The fine-textured, single-layer coat requires very little grooming. This breed will appreciate a blanket for snuggling on cooler days. The coat of a Cornish Rex spans the feline color spectrum, from solid hues such as white, black, red or blue to calico and tabby patterns and everything in between. Visit our cattery to see which coloring strikes your fancy.

The Cornish Rex is very much an interactive participant in all of its family members’ activities. Not content to sit on the sidelines, these keenly intelligent cats will follow their owners throughout the home in their quest for human companionship and daily household adventures. No task will ever be carried out without the supervision and helping paw of the Cornish Rex. The breed loves to entertain its humans with clown-like antics that will prompt instant smiles and chuckles. Keep a plentiful variety of toys available for your cat’s entertainment focus. They love to play and will fetch toys. Their dexterous paws can pick up and toss about small toys as well as open cabinets, closets and drawers. Full of fun-loving mischief, the Cornish Rex is a true charmer, ensuring that there will never be a dull moment in your house. However, the affectionate and gentle breed equally appreciates cuddle time on the couch and relaxing petting sessions. Quite the extrovert, the Cornish Rex is friendly, outgoing and inquisitive.

Come and meet some of our Cornish Rex and be taken in by with their endearing personalities. Once you fall in love and adopt one of our cats, you will gain a loving new family member that will enrich your life in so many ways.